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1. You are a graduate from one of the following disciples: Business, Economics, Finance, Accounting.2. Looking to break into a corporate role as you have found it difficult to find that first role out of University.3. You are deeply motivated and will follow our tailored practises & methods.

We believe it's becoming more difficult for graduates to find corporate roles and new ways of job-hunting are required to have a greater chance of being successful.By leveraging our tailored job hunting methods you can change your career & life trajectory within 3-6 months.Momentum is KEY to job search, especially for graduates. Our newsletter is geared towards igniting this for you, however if you do nothing, you won't see the results.

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* Email arrives every Wednesday directly in your inbox. It includes 20 personalised job listings (some of which are “hidden jobs”).* Includes a list of trending job-related communities, these communities provide different angles to job applications and we'll make recommendations to partake in.* Updates of government & private job schemes.These are more valuable in strained economies such as UK's current economic climate. Now is an evident chance to benefit.* Quarterly job market situation updates & we will position you in a way to ride economic unpredictability.* Access to our holistic view of your candidate desirability, including a CV & skill check with recommended adjustments aligned with our vision for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this newsletter for?This newsletter is made for graduates with a BSc in business management or similar (accounting, finance, economics).This newsletter will give you the best possible chance to land an entry level role.Q: Do I ever have to pay more than £14.99 for new features?No, it is a lifetime access. As the newsletter improves with time, you will get all new features for free.Q: How long will it take to see results?It depends how motivated you are.If you throughly apply yourself & follow our recommended practices, you can expect to see good traction within 30 days.You can change your life within 3-6 months. If you do nothing, you won't see any results.The choice is yours.

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